Meriton Founder and Managing Director Harry Triguboff was a driving force behind the decision to make the digital transformation. Image: Meriton.
  • The management of 9000 apartments will go digital, with the first half already online
  • The "next-generation" platform will incorporate an array of services
  • Owners, managers and tenants will enjoy a singular digital experience

Australia’s largest apartment developer, Meriton, has announced that it will integrate innovative PropTech services in the management of 9000 apartments.

MRI Software has been selected under a three-year contract to take on the digitalisation that will transform the way that property owners, managers and tenants interact.

Director of Product Management at MRI Software, Josh Symons has been closely involved in the digital conversion.

“The project is bringing best of breed technology to Meriton,” he told The Property Tribune.

“They [property managers] will have information at their fingertips that can help drive efficiencies and ultimately provide better service to their landlords and tenants.”

Josh Symons, MRI Software Director of Product Management

Harry Triguboff AO, Managing Director of Meriton was a driving force behind the choice to upgrade Meriton’s digital platforms.

MRI Software will incorporate services from three of its platforms, MRI PropertyTree, Maintenance Plus and MRI Property Management X to improve the ‘digital views’ of the properties.

Australian PropTech startups Sorted Services and Bricks+Agent will also have their platform’s services incorporated in the project.

Singular digital experience

Tenants and property managers will have access to all the services through one platform accessible via a web portal or application.

“It’s a singular digital experience. A digital solution that brings everything together.”

“For tenants, it is one digital place for them to go for everything relating to the property they live in,” Mr Symons explained.

Tennants will be able to access everything relating to their rental on the app,  from maintenance complaints and electricity bills to tenancy receipts and body corporate bylaws.

The 9000 apartments are spread across Queensland and New South Wales. Image: Canva

The first phase of the project is already underway

4500 Meriton apartments managed on behalf of other investors, mostly in Sydney, went online with MRI Software and various integrated partner solutions from November 2021.

The second phase will see 4500 Meriton-owned built-for-rent properties go digital from June 2022.

MRI Software Managing director and senior vice president, David Bowie commented on the collaboration.

“Meriton and Harry Triguboff are household names in Australian property. It’s an honour to partner with Meriton in building their next-generation PropTech platform,” Mr Bowie said.

“From their commercial business with MRI Property Management X through to PropertyTree giving investors, agents and property managers a centralised view of every apartment, and tenants enjoying mobile-enabled, easy online access for everything to do with their Meriton home, it’s great to see so many of the MRI product family involved too.”

Image: Supplied
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