C19th French Brasserie Carved Timber Ornate Mirror
C19th French Brasserie Carved Timber Ornate Mirror. Image – Grays.
  • Alan Bond's former mansion's contents being sold by current owners
  • 270 individual items are up for auction, ending this Sunday

Famed – and perhaps infamous – entrepreneur Alan Bond’s former mansion’s luxury furnishings and fixtures are up for auction.

The contents are described by Grays auctioneer as “unique and extraordinary” and by the owners as “surplus to requirements”. Most of the 270 individual items are listed without a reserved price by the current owners, so they are genuinely for sale, and will likely sell.

Alan Bond, who passed away in 2015, and his former wife Eileen, owned the property back in their heyday, reportedly entertaining such guests as Bob Dylan, Elton John and Neil Diamond as well as former prime ministers.

After famously winning the America’s Cup for Australia in 1983 with his Australia II boat, Mr Bond made a string of major business deals throughout the following decade. He bought and then sold back (at a third of the price) Channel Nine from Kerry Packer, who tellingly commented “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime.”

After acquiring a reported $1.8 billion in personal debt, he was declared bankrupt in 1992. He served four years in various West Australia prisons having pleading guilty to using his controlling interest in Bell Resources to deceptively siphon off A$1.2 billion into the coffers of the Bond Corporation. He was released in 2000.

Chaise Lounge
Chaise Lounge for sale – the current bid is $249. Image – Grays.

Some of the auction highlights include:

  • C19th French Brasserie Carved Timber Ornate Mirror (originally bought for $42K, current bid is $6,019);
  • Ultra-luxurious Fendi dining suite;
  • Snooker tables, including the one used in the 1993 Masters Games held in Perth;
  • Bedding, including king-sized bed suites, Four Seasons Mattresses and Sealy Posturepedic “Supreme Classic Collection” Royal Excellence Mattresses.
  • Luxurious couches and lounge suites
  • Theatre/home cinema chairs
  • Office furniture
  • Fendi Dining Suite

The auction closes this Sunday. You can inspect the items at 89 Watkins Road, Dalkeith today (Friday 5 March) from 2pm-5pm, WA time.

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