Australia’s homelessness peak bodies call for more urgency as homelessness epidemic worsens

Australia grapples with a surging homelessness crisis driven by soaring rents, tightening rental vacancies, and strained services.

Federal Budget 2023: Rental relief and homelessness under the microscope

Many organisations are calling for the Government to do more as the Budget reports a surplus

Students on youth allowance unable to afford surging rents

Surging rents are leaving young Australian’s on Youth Allowance just $13 a day to live on putting them under extreme pressure.

Federal Government renews $67.5 million funding for homelessness services

Over 200 support staff in Victoria to continue their crucial work, with $23.5 million allocated for their wages

2021 Census reveals an increase in homelessness in Australia

More Australians are battling to find a place to live as COVID lockdowns led to an increase in homelessness.

Housing advocates attack housing affordability committee chair

Jason Falinski MP drew criticism at a UDIA event last week