Frydenberg backs financial regulator crack down

More than 1 in 5 are borrowing 6+ times their income

More support announced for Victorian businesses

Comes as the CPA calls for backdated financial support

Federal inquiry into housing supply

Inquiry will be led by Liberal MP Jason Falinski

Will interest rates start to rise?

Unemployment is below 5%, but wage inflation has yet to take off

MBA welcomes moves to bolster vaccine uptake

Businesses with large foot traffic will soon be offering the vaccine

Experts label Family Home Guarantee as “too risky”

Experts say 98% loans are reminiscent of the GFC

What’s in the budget for property?

Several housing-related policies were released before last night’s budget

First home owners and women to win tomorrow’s Budget

Some items are already announced, impacting the property market

Expectations for the budget: NAB Chief Economist

Believes the budget will focus more on growth than keeping businesses afloat